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Hans Frank, Reichsminister Dr.

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Wilhelm Frick, Reichsminister Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Reichsjustizminister Dr. Alfred Meyer, Amtsleiterin der NS. Weltkrieg und als Angeklagter vor Gericht, NS.

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Published by Verlag Franz Eher Nachf. Large photo portrait of Hitler upon front cover. Profusely Illustrated with reproductions of photos of Hitler from through Includes considerable text submitted by many prominent contributors in addition to those we have listed. One need not be able to read German to fully appreciate that this work was compiled for the express purpose of boosting the image of Adolph Hitler in the eyes of his countrymen in the days leading up to WWII.

Above-average but not excessive external wear. Small chips from lower corner of front cover. A sound vintage copy of this ominous work. Hold history in your hands. Seller Inventory G Original stapled tan wraps with black lettering on cover; protected by modern mylar. Publisher's device on title pages. Final report by ambassador Sir Nevile Henderson, G. The report covers the period of Henderson's tenure leading up to the invasion of Poland and the subsequent departure of the French and British ambassadors on September 4th.


In his report Henderson explicitly mentions the positive aspects of the Hitler regime, e. The report is structured to include 85 numbered entries with Henderson's explicit apology for not being able to deliver a coherent report in view of the rapid and tumultuous development of events leading up to W. Documents on the Treatment of German Citizens in Germany released by the British government in view of the attitude displayed by the German government after the breakout of W.

The purpose was to allow the general public to form an educated opinion about the treatment of German Citizens in Germany.

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The documents include correspondence of ambassador Henderson with Viscount Halifax, General Consul Gainer with ambassador Henderson, correspondence of other consulate staff reporting to the British government, records received by the Foreign Office from a German charity organization on October 28, , and the testimony of a former inmate of the concentration camp Buchenwald on February 18, These documents draw a frightening view of the state of affairs in Germany and its concentration camps.

Moderate wear along edges of wrapper, minor chips, light soiling at lower foredge of front cover with light creasing at lower right corner throughout.

The History of Germany : Every Year

Cover and block age toned. Color frontispiece illustrated with flag of the Hitler Youth frontispiece with perforated line along inner edge, as issued. Lists various organizations within the Hitler-Youth, leaders, as well as addresses of the many branches and its leading members. Some age wear, creasing and minor staining on wraps. Head and tail of spine slightly chipped. Corners slightly bumped.

Last leaf repaired with tape along gutter. Aber das man wirklich Mutter wird und was das bedeutet, kann man in so einem Alter erst begreifen, wenn das Kind geboren wird. Und das ist ein Schock.

Translation - English I don't even remember how old she was when that picture was taken. If I am lucky I had just turned 18 and Alisha was about weeks old. I can't really remember. My daughter is a good girl, she goes to school and her grades are decent. She's not into boys yet.

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I used to be the exact opposite. Yes, I was. I was just really lucky… It was hard, especially the first few years. My friends no longer cared about me because I had a baby. I can understand that. They wanted to go out and party. I didn't have family in Augsburg and I had broken up with Alisha's dad. I was on my own, with a baby. The worst thing about teenage pregnancy is that you make all these experiences: You're pregnant, your belly gets bigger, then you go to the doctor for an ultrasonic and say, "Yes, I'm having a baby.

What it really means to be a mother is something you can't comprehend at that age, until you give birth yourself. And then you are in shock. The question was in the air in Britain in the s and, according to many commentators, the answer was: not very much. It wasn't art that had made the great industrial towns, laid the railways, dug the canals, expanded the empire and made Britain pre-eminent among nations.

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Indeed, art seemed capable of sapping the very qualities that had made these achievements possible; prolonged contact with it risked encouraging effeminacy, introspection, homosexuality, gout and defeatism. In , John Bright, MP for Birmingham, described cultured people as a pretentious cabal whose only claim to distinction was 'a smattering of the two dead languages of Greek and Latin'.

The Oxford academic Frederic Harrison held an equally caustic view of the benefits of prolonged communion with literature, history or painting. For simple pedantry and want of good sense no man is his equal. No assumption is too unreal, no end is too unpractical for him. He had the impudence to keep hinting, in a variety of newspaper articles, that art might be one of the most important pursuits of life. This in an age when for the first time one could travel from London to Birmingham in a single morning and Britain had earned itself the title of workshop of the world.

The Daily Telegraph, stout upholder of industry and monarchy, mockingly accused him of trying to lure the hard-working, sensible people of the land 'to leave their shops and duties behind them in order to recite songs, sing ballads and read essays'. Arnold accepted the ribbing with good grace until, in , he was goaded into writing a systematic, book-length defence of what he believed art was for and why exactly it had such an important function to play in life - even for a generation that had witnessed the invention of the foldaway umbrella and the steam engine.

Arnold's Culture and Anarchy began by acknowledging some of the charges laid at art's door. In the eyes of many, it was nothing more, than 'a scented salve for human miseries, a religion breathing a spirit of cultivated inaction. It is often summed up as being not practical or - as some critics more familiarly put it - all moonshine'. All great artists are, said Arnold, imbued with 'the aspiration to leave the world better and happier than they find it'.

They may not always embody such an aspiration in an overtly political message, they may not even be conscious of such an aspiration, and yet, within their work, there will almost always be a protest against the state of things and so an effort to correct our insights or to educate us to perceive beauty, to help us understand pain or to reignite our sensitivities, to nurture our capacity for empathy or to rebalance our moral perspective through sadness or laughter.

Arnold concluded his argument with a pronouncement upon which this chapter is built. Art, said Arnold, is 'the criticism of life'. Translation - German Wozu ist Kunst eigentlich gut? Aufgrund seiner Pedanterie und seinem Mangel an gesundem Verstand ist ihm kein anderer gleich. Keine Vermutung ist ihm zu absurd, kein Zweck ist ihm zu abwegig. Kunst, sagte Arnold, sei "die Kritik am Leben". Keywords: german, english, computers, technology, software, localization, vo recording, dubbing, TV, film.

Stasi in Falkensee : Thomas Lenkitsch :

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