10 Days to Memorize Psalm 2 (Memorize… Psalms)

1. When I memorize psalms I can pray them any time
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10 Tips for Memorizing Scripture - NIV Bible | Memorization Techniques | How to Memorize Scripture

I have written before how we have done it in the past , all gathered around the dinner table, using the Simply Charlotte Mason method of memorizing and review. This has worked really well when we actually did it , but for our new Group Time habit , I wanted to try something a little different.

The notebooks all generally use the same system as I do above, but they print out scriptures, poems, and other works and put them in page protectors instead of hand writing them on notecards. This appealed to me since I want to memorize whole psalms and some poems with the girls this year.

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I have printed them all out in the NLT from Bible. Memorizing will be easier if you choose a Bible version that breaks the psalms into stanzas and lines rather than printing them as paragraphs. Hebrew poetry consists of poetic lines with parallel parts, and being able to see those parts one above the other will help you see their relationships, and that will help you memorize.

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Andrew M. In his method, you review every day and add one new verse per day, using these three steps.

Read Psalm 74:2 Using Other Translations

Tip 3. Hyssop linked to snow to remember Psalm They advise you to think of a mental image that reminds you of the first item you want to remember, and then associate it with a picture of the second item you want to remember. This is very easy with visual psalms such as Psalm 23, but let me show you how to do it with a passage that has intangibles.

Snow linked to hear ear to remember Psalm Purge me with hyssop , and I shall be clean;. Let me hear joy and gladness;. The pictures demonstrate how to associate each key word with the next. You can also sketch the pictures in your Bible. This seems to engage a different part of the brain than reading: I stumble in different places! By that time, I know how I want to read it. Hear linked to bones to remember Psalm The most significant aspect of Hebrew poetry is its use of parallelism.

Thirty Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 11: Psalms Are for Singing

Parallelism is a huge help in memorizing, as you can see in Psalm Tip 6. Noticing parallelism helps you memorize psalms. See how much easier it is to remember how the line flows when you see the parallel parts laid out like this? Paying attention to how the parallel elements relate to each other helps your memory.

How to Read the Bible Better

I often write out stanzas with the parallel items stacked so I can visualize them better. I found Psalm 51 difficult to memorize because of all the synonyms for sin. Have you used these tips and tricks?

What additional tips and tricks help you memorize? Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

The Summaries

I memorized Isaiah by reciting out loud, peeking, going back to beginning until I had all verses down. Repeated every day until it was locked tight in my memory.

Psalm 51 (ESV) - Have Mercy on Me, O God - Memorize Scripture through Song

These days that can take a bit of extra effort. My son attends a Christian school here in Colorado so weekly scripture memorization is a requirement. Last week, they just wrapped up memorizing Psalm Their technique was both to use in class song-type recitation along with adding a new verse or 3 each week. There is fruit to be born from having the Word memorized. That school is doing a great service for the students.


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