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Partita on Themes of Walton Sheet Music by Malcolm Williamson
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He now found some comfort in the warm friendship of an older woman, Lady Wimbourne, whose disapproval later alienated Walton from the Sitwells for many years, but delay in work on the symphony was now caused by the acceptance of a commission for his first film-score, Escape Me Never, suggesting a relatively easy source of future income. In any event the first three movements of the symphony were given their first public performance by Sir Hamilton Harty with the orchestra that he now directed, the London Symphony Orchestra, on 3rd December As always, Walton continued to seek advice from his friends on the difficulties that the last movement of the symphony was causing him.

Finally he had the idea of writing a fugue and now work progressed more smoothly so that by the end of August the movement was complete.

The first performance of the whole symphony was given by the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Sir Hamilton Harty on 6th November that year, the whole work generally well received, although there was some difference of opinion over the new movement, which Walton himself thought the best. The symphony, dedicated to Imma von Doernberg, had occupied Walton intermittently for nearly four years, its progress impeded by events in his personal life and by his own failure of inspiration, from whatever cause, and hesitations.

Now, however, it took its place as a momentous achievement in English music, securing Walton's position as an established composer. The powerful first movement starts with an evocative horn-call and the plaintive sound of the oboe, over urgent string rhythms. There is mounting intensity as the music gathers strength, with the oboe motif holding continuing importance, its emotional power off-set by moments of more lyrical relaxation. Walton entertained the idea, at one time, of leaving the Allegro assai as a one-movement symphony in itself, and it has in itself a compelling unity that has led some to draw comparisons with Sibelius, comparisons that Walton himself rejected.

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Partita for viola on themes of Walton: viola solo by Malcolm Williamson - find sheet music, recordings, digital score and audio samples, analysis, performances . Sheet music for Partita on Themes of Walton (viola): buy online. Arrangement: Viola (VLA). Published by Weinberger. Composer: Williamson.

The second movement scherzo, marked Presto con malizia Presto with malice , has angular off-beat thematic material, fragment, pressing onward, over inisistent accompanying rhythms, punctuated by percussive outbursts. The slow movement, now more correctly marked Andante con malinconia, starts with a melancholy flute melody, extended as the continuing melodic line carries the music, forward, with all its depth of poignancy, to an emotional climax, then proceeding to a hushed conclusion.

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The finale opens Walton's familiar triumphant style, moving on to the energetic fugue, the inclusion of which is, after all, in accord with classical practice. It adds enough weight to the content of the movement, orchestrated for additional percussion, and provides a very positive and convincing conclusion that carries and, balances the weight of the earlier movements. In Walton was invited by Georg Szell to write a work for the fortieth season of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.

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The Partita was completed by October , with Walton expressing some doubt about the humour of the last movement, which he feared might be misunderstood as mere vulgarity, intended, as he said in a letter, to divert and to annoy. Scored for triple woodwind and the full complement of brass and strings, with harp and a percussion section that includes celesta.

The opening Toccata has the necessary motor energy, with an almost constant quaver rhythm. There is brief relaxation into a meno mosso , before the original momentum is resumed in w hat is broadly a classical sonata-allegro movement, with a related second subject in the appropriate key and an abridged recapitulation.


The gentler Pastorale Siciliana opens with a solo viola, providing the rocking accompaniment to a solo oboe. The thematic material is explored, with passages in seconds for flutes and oboes and imitative entries of clarinet and strings in a middle section.

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The music dies away to the sound of high trills from the violins, a resonant harmonic from the harp and the sound of the vibraphone. The University of Sydney. University of Adelaide. University of Newcastle Library. University of Tasmania. University of Wollongong. Allegro Molto Add Review.

Walton: Viola Concerto; Partita for Orchestra; Sonata for String Orchestra

Have: 6 Want: 1 Avg Rating: 4. Add a Video. Add to List. I Toccata. II Pastorale Siciliana.

William Walton - Viola Concerto [With score]

Andante Comodo. III Giga Burlesca.

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